5 things that happened this week — weeknotes 3

So often it gets to Friday and I wonder how come its arrived so quickly. This week is no different.

1. Setting up weeknote writing sessions

I’m writing these from my second ‘Weeknotes with Joe’ writing session of the week. It’s a 30 minute space where anyone on the DDC programme can show up and write their weeknotes. It’s giving us all a structure and a time to commit to. The idea came from a timeboxing idea I had last weekend. So far seven people have signed up — not bad.

2. Having a nip at the DDC support guide

I’ve been wanting to rearchitect the Support page on the Programme Support Guide. Previously it was laid out according to support function and support provider but that felt wrong. So I suggested designing it around the need or goals of its users — the programme participants. It was only a small job but I really enjoyed redesigning it.

It still needs more work on the copy. I hope to do that next week.

3. I managed to work 3 normal days while staying with friends

My van was off the road this week having a new clutch. So my friends Susan and Adam put me up in their house near Tiverton. It was amazing — I even got my own office! If you spoke to me Monday — Wednesday then that’s where I was. The 4G internet speed was over 100mbps at one point (living on the road I tend to geek out about mobile internet speeds 🧐).

The van is now soooo much easier to drive🚐

4. I was late for a chat about DDC key metrics

It rarely happens but I turned up 20 minutes late for a chat with David, Dan and Tori about key metrics and how we might measure them. It was still good to be there — I liked Dan’s idea of capturing small bits of outcomes data after or during each check-in call. Good design should try not to create extra requirements from users/participants. Wrapping a requirement into an existing touchpoint is often a good solution.

5. I wrote about how to find time to write weeknotes

Time is a barrier. Most of us are too busy most of the time. So that’s what I wrote about for this week’s OWL post. I wrote did that on Monday.

Hat tips to Judith and Rachel for writing their weeknotes with me 🎩🎩

Image attribution: ”Dia 48: Esperando ideas” by Freddy The Boy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0



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