Weeknotes 5: a pineapple, an apple and a passionfruit

Fruit themed. Why not?

A passonfruit flower open, with stamen and a leafy green background
Photo by Stéphane Juban on Unsplash

This week has been my first ‘post-covid’ week. Its 16 days since I tested positive and although I was off work last week my only big symptom the whole way through has been tiredness. Even after sleeping nine hours a night I was still tired.

This week the tiredness has eased a lot. I’ve done most of a normal week and it has been fruity.

The raw pineapple job

David Scurr and I have been analysing DDC participants needs using their routefinder docs. The routefinder is their own description of the support they need on this project.

David tagged each one according to needs like strategy, data, user research etc. Then I started matching content to participants’ tags.

I’m making a bespoke list of relevant content resources for each participant. Each will get two types of content:

  • Resources hand-picked to help them understand how to approach their main support needs
  • Open-source work done by other organisations who had similar needs last year — things like data audits, strategy reviews, play backs on similar themes.

They’ll get this content next week via the support guide. It’s pineapple working because there’s a lot of fleshy content that’ll be broken up into chunks and shared out (I don’t know what the leafy top is yet though).

The sliced apple job

I’m working with SCVO to design an automated support service for Scottish charities. The service will deliver them useful content and actions to take each week. The content is very simple and will be easy to understand (like an apple). However the challenge is in working out:

  • How to help them choose what variety of apple they are needing most (what challenge do we offer them automated support with)
  • How much apple people can eat at one time (what size should each slice of content be)
  • Whether to offer people slices of multiple varieties of apple at the same time or stick to slices from the one apple (help them with one theme or challenge at a time or make it more random)
  • What happens when they finish one apple — do we offer them a bigger apple of the same variety (with bigger slices and more advanced actions to take) or a different variety

I like this project, and I like working with John at SCVO.

The singular passionfruit job

I’ve started writing a one page introduction to trauma informed design, using Chayn’s design principles. I feel really passionate about trauma informed design in digital services. We’ve lots to learn about how to do it well and people like Hera Hussain at Chayn have lots to teach us.

See you next week :)



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