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Del Playa

got stuck in two biden jams

first one was i was at ucla right when biden was buying tacos

roads were closed everywhere. dude in the back was biting his nails, late for school, freaking out, which made me freak out.

i wound my way through the residential hood east of the village, a place i know pretty well as thats where i spent a few months when i was 18

nothings changed. got through, and snaked through campus but there are lots of stop signs and kids on scooters. no bicycles, weirdly. the students even park their scooters in the bike racks.

he jumped out before we got to his spot and i veered east back to my place for a lunch break.

the second time i got stuck was at the end of the day when it had become night.

i was in brentwood waiting for a long ride back to hollywood and this ping wanted to go to a great young bar on santa monica blvd in west hollywood

close enough.

driving through the forresty hills of brentwood i passed one group of cops blocking certain roads and i remembered oh yeah hes spending the night up here or having dinner or something

picked her up, canadian, lovely, so smart, thinking of moving here.

as we drive towards sunset a guy with a vest motions to us to turn around.

cars ahead of us are turned around.

really the only way out is to a side street where cops are holding a yellow tape. but jokes on us, unless we were going up the long, windy road, we were now stuck because the cops werent anyone out from behind the tape

so about 20 of us waited a good 25 minutes. i turned off my car after a while.

uber called us both, twice, to make sure everything was ok. which we both were grateful for.

meanwhile we had the loveliest conversation.

me with my mask on looking straight into the darkness through my windshield

and she in the back seat like royalty.

nearly an hour later i delivered her to her bar where she was meeting friends

and i drove east of eden



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