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Wendy’s Grills All Comers on ‘National Roast Day’

Today in Corporate Twitter, the funniest social media account insulted every man, woman and brand who asked for it.

Is National Roast Day a thing? Last year the fast food giant Wendy’s known for its square burgers and salty Twitter presence took shots at all comers in May for #NationalRoastDay. But May came early this year as the red-headed snark flew fast and hilariously no matter if you were a celebrity, a nobody or a billion-dollar competitor.

Many life lessons were learned.

First off, Wendy’s loves/hates to be compared to the Golden Arches

Wendy’s ripped into brands and people during National Roast Day

#2: Wendy’s is a purist when it comes to desserts

#3 Taking on PBR is NBD

#4 Wendy’s is the Queen of one-liners

#5 Even Gordon Ramsay, a roasting legend, couldn’t resist the made up Twitter holiday

#6 Pringles runs its social media from the UK? Crisps? No matter, Wendy’s is on it.

#7 Emo bands are perhaps the lowest hanging fruit

#8 No wait, guys like Mike are the easiest to roast

#9 Jokes about guys in their basement aren’t stale if they’re true

#10 Wendy’s Knows Baseball. Yowch!

Wendy’s burned the Tampa Bay Rays with a World Series zinger during National Roast Day

#11 Roasting brands is way funnier than roasting civilians

#12 Was hoping for a Pawn Stars dig on this one, but still was not disappointed

#13 Even the weatherman got rained on

#14 As did America’s Funniest Home Videos

#15 Sometimes innocent sports hosts take friendly fire, sorry, The Herd

#16 Were Int’l brands included in the roast? Mais oui!

#17 Did our long-lost friend from the cineplex join the hit parade?

#18 And finally, Kristen Schaal and others, hope you’re laughing… to the bank.



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