Good Problems, Bad Problems

(A very old scrapbook note)

By nature of how we humans work, there is little to do with getting rid of problems — of things that need to be sorted out, uncovered, dealt with, or to come to peace with. Yet it seems some problems are significantly better than others — either in an outright normative sense, or in terms of their impact/damage on one’s well being. While it’s important to not sweat the small stuff, there’s an art to relishing which kinds of problems to spend time on.

Yes, there is the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), or zen-ish perhaps, aspect of things ‘not being problems’ — which has its place. But some problems, some scrutiny, some effort is more in vain than others. Some will yield much more benefit — personally, economically, relationally, spiritually — than others. Some things lead you closer to where you want to be, or to your authentic self — some don’t.

Which are the good problems, which are the bad problems?

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