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Deep Farming Vault: Stable Yield Activated

The Stable yield contract will activate today to provide staked rLP and Delta tokens additional yield from the Liquidity Reserve Vault. To receive stable yield rewards, you have to stake your rLP or Delta token in the Deep Farming Vault (DFV).

You can access the DFV on where you can stake your tokens under the Vault Actions section.

Stable Yield Smart Contract

Stable Yield has been moved to an onchain contract with an incentive mechanism. Anyone can call distribute() and cause stable yield to be distributed. It is best to call once per week to maximize the tip received by the caller, but can be called any time.

Users may call the distribute function directly through etherscan here:

An update to the UI allows users to directly distribute stable yield from the vault on

Stable Yield tab shows the amount of Delta ready to distribute and the reward eligible to whoever calls the function

Stable yield aims to become an integral part of the Delta ecosystem with plans to allow the DAO to vote for weekly emission schedules. Bringing these updates to delta will further strengthen the path towards full decentralization and removing dependencies on devs.

The Delta APY is variable and depends on your reward multiplier while rLP tokens give you a steady yield without any additional need to burn tokens.

Reward Multiplier: The DELTA reward multiplier gives a boost in yield. To keep the reward multiplier high you need to compound deposit 10% DELTA with burn turned on every week.

The website will reflect the new yield percentages for both, rLP and Delta tokens soon after the the distribute function is called and rewards are sent to staked token holders of the Deep Farming Vault.

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