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Deep Farming Vault Update: Stable Yield

The Deep Farming Vault collects and distributes Delta, based on its unique Vesting Schedule mechanism. Initially, the yield exclusively comes from Delta vesting schedule interruptions which generated high yield for LSW participants and early Delta stakers. Since the migration to Sushiswap, the reward payments of the DFV have come to a temporary halt. Yield is still being accumulated but not paid out until all contracts have been checked and approved. As a result, low APY is being displayed on The team wants to use this opportunity to introduce stable yield to the platform.

Designed for Longevity

During the design phase of the project, we realized that the yield produced by the Deep Farming Vault can vary greatly, especially early on, before the launch of the options product. This is mainly due to the main yield coming from vesting schedule interruptions. If there are no interruptions, the system would essentially produce 0% yield.

To counter this, a Liquidity Reserve Vault (LRV) was designed which currently holds 6,396 ETH and 18,247,500 DELTA. The DELTA reserves will be used to guarantee a minimum yield for the Deep Farming Vault while the ETH reserves will be exchanged into DAI and maintain the floor price.

Liquidity Reserve Vault:
The Liquidity Reserve Vault is designed to assist the system, by guaranteeing a minimum yield for the Deep Farming Vault. This is most important during the early phases of Delta, where yield tends to vary greatly, since its sole reliance on vesting interruptions.

Initiating Liquidity Reserve Vault

The Liquidity Reserve Vault is set to monitor the performance of the Deep Farming Vault and when necessary, activate and distribute yield to guarantee a targeted minimum APY of 20%.

Since both tokens are weighted differently, the end result will look similar to this:

  • Delta which is staked and boosted (10x max booster) in the Deep Farming Vault can receive a guaranteed stable APY of up to 200% throughout this year.
  • rLP which is staked in the Deep Farming Vault will receive a guaranteed 80% stable APY throughout this year.

Activating the Liquidity Reserve Vault will stabilize the yield and incentivize staking in the Deep Farming Vault. It will give the team sufficient time to release products which will add new yield generating streams to the platform.

Stable Yield launching soon…

We are currently finalizing the stable yield function from the Liquidity Reserve Vault.

Once activated, it will bring a guaranteed performance to the Deep Farming Vault. Soon after, the website should reflect the new yield percentages for both, rLP and Delta tokens.

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Delta is an on-chain options layer which utilizes a combination of liquidity standards to reduce premiums and offer competitive options prices.

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