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Delta: 48h Review Period

The Limited Staking Window will be launching after a 48h review period.

We believe that introducing a 48h review period allows for a safer and cleaner launch process, to make sure contributors have adequate time to understand the code. Once the countdown on reaches zero, the website will update and the review period will start.

We will share a link to the Limited Staking Window smart contract, for due diligence and review. Furthermore, participants can register their Ethereum address to create their referral link.

A quick summary of the most important information regarding the upcoming Limited Staking Window:

Limited Staking Window (LSW)

LSW launch: 02/19/2021
LSW Duration: 10 Days
Accepted contribution: Ethereum
Token received: rLP
Token functionality: staking rewards, right for yield, locked liquidity

Delta Token Launch (Uniswap Pool)

Delta launch: 03/04/2021
Total Supply: 45,000,000 DELTA
Token Symbol: DELTA
Available on: Uniswap (ETH/DELTA pair)
Token functionality: tokenized liquidity, options, staking rewards

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We are currently recruiting developers to help build Delta and coreDEX. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to @0xdec4f on Twitter.




Delta is an on-chain options layer which utilizes a combination of liquidity standards to reduce premiums and offer competitive options prices.

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