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Delta Review Period Conclusion

Delta’s successful LSW allowed the team to sponsor one of the biggest Bug Bounty Programs in DeFi. With $1,500,000 worth of Ethereum in bug bounty rewards, we were able to attract a lot of attention on to our smart contracts. We collected feedback and performed a variety of gas optimizations which improved all our contracts.

Gas Optimization

The team focused on optimizing each contract to reduce the overall gas costs. While the Delta token has 100 times more lines of code than a simple ERC20 token, a transfer will only cost 10% more gas. The same optimization was performed on the Deep Farming Vault, to reduce its gas consumption and overall become more efficient. Because the Ethereum network is experiencing an increase in gas prices, we emphasized on further improving our smart contracts to allow our users to efficiently interact with them.

You can view the gas optimization changes on our GitHub:

Final Review

Today we released the rLP wrapper along with reserve flash loans for review. After review of these final contracts and some gas optimizations, we will be ready for launch.

Bug Bounty Update & Partnership

Our Bug bounty program is working as intended. We partnered with to increase our reach and attract more security researchers to our contracts. We designed the extended review period around our three main smart contracts.

Three out of three smart contracts have been released for public review. It is important to give the public efficient time to review each of the contracts. The Deep Farming Vault is the latest release with close to 1000 lines of code, ready to be peer reviewed.
Reviewing the rebasing LP smart contract (released today) is the last step before we can launch Delta.

We are extremely proud of our community, appreciate all the feedback we have received so far and are looking forward to releasing the last smart contract to the public. Once the rebasing LP contract is released and efficient time has passed for the review, we will launch Delta.

Thank you for your patience and your trust!

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Delta is an on-chain options layer which utilizes a combination of liquidity standards to reduce premiums and offer competitive options prices.

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