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Delta’s Referral Program

Delta will be launching its product through the Limited Staking Window. A new launching mechanism, where users can stake their capital towards a new type of tradable token. These rLP tokens represent a share of Delta’s infrastructure and can be staked in our vault, to receive yield from the entire system. After the LSW is completed, a Uniswap pool is launched, allowing Delta to be purchased by the public.

Join the Referral Program

We are very excited to introduce the Delta Referral Program that will reward its participants a variety of bonuses. The program will utilize, a simple to use referral link system which will launch on the day of the Limited Staking Window. We want to keep the momentum going and set an example for future projects on how to engage and reward a community. This Referral program rewards those who put forth their personal time to reach out and engage.

Visiting our website reveals a countdown, you can check it out here. Once the countdown ends and the Limited Staking Window is launched, users will be able to connect their wallet and create a referral link. Each Ethereum address can create their unique referral link through a simple interface on our website.

We want to reward those who provide value to Delta and the community. When a referral link is used to participate in the Limited Staking Window, the referring member (referrer) receives 5% bonus in credit and 5% in Ethereum. The referral receives a 10% bonus on their initial contribution.


On launch day of the Limited Staking Window, User A connects their wallet and generates a referral link. He uses the blog posts, animations and graphics, to reach out and engage new members. While having an interesting discussion on Reddit he shares his referral link with his fellow community members. Over the course of a few days, User A opens the referral section on the site, to discover that multiple referrals have been made. A total of 20 Ethereum was contributed through User A’s referral link. His referrals will receive an additional bonus of 10% on top of their individual contributions.

At the end of the Limited Staking Window, User A receives 1 Ethereum and additional rLP worth contributing 1 ETH.

The Delta team has released a variety of blog posts which help you understand the project and engage new community members. Make sure to read through them and do not hesitate to use the graphs and animations to discuss this project on different platforms. Once the Limited Staking Window starts, head over to to generate your own personal referral link.

By joining our Referral Program, you will help promote Delta and the entire coreDEX ecosystem. Let’s build this community together!

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Interested in joining a competitive team? We are currently recruiting developers to help build Delta and coreDEX. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to @0xdec4f on Twitter.



Delta is an on-chain options layer which utilizes a combination of liquidity standards to reduce premiums and offer competitive options prices.

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