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Limited Staking Window: How to Obtain Delta and rLP

What is a Limited Staking Window?

Delta is using a special event called Limited Staking Window to launch its tokens. This event will start with early contribution bonuses, a referral program and will be running for a limited time. After the event concludes, rLP tokens will be distributed to participants and a Uniswap pool to purchase Delta tokens is launched.

How does it work?

Users stake ETH during the Limited Staking Window to receive rLP tokens which can be used in the Deep Farming Vault to farm DELTA.

The window will remain open for 10 days, rewarding early stakers with a bonus of up to 30%.

Upon completion of the Limited Staking Window, the LSW Smart Contract will distribute the rLP tokens to its participants, list the token on Uniswap, start the farming contracts, open the rebasing of rLP tokens and distribute half of the Ethereum among the Liquidity Reserve Vault and Bonding Curve Liquidity allocation while the remainder is sent to the dev fund contracts. All of this is an automated process which cannot be stopped.

The Ethereum staked during this event will be distributed among several contracts:

  • Liquidity Reserve Vault: guarantees a Floor price for Delta and is used for the initial liquidity for options
  • Bonding Curve Liquidity Allocation: 1000–1500 ETH is set to be used to assure a healthy trading pool.
  • Dev Fund: assuring the future of the project
  • Referral Rewards: payout of the Referral Program.

Time Based Bonus:

The time based bonus function will give early participants a bonus of up to 30% on their staked Ethereum. This premium is reduced linearly over a set of time, reaching 0% at end of the Limited Staking Window.

Referral System:

A Referral Program is attached to the LSW.

You will be able to create a Referral Code based on your Ethereum address directly on the Website as soon as LSW goes live.

A Referral receives a bonus of 10% on their initial contribution, while the Referrer receives a 5% bonus in credit and 5% in Ethereum.

The bonuses (Credit & Ethereum) will be credited when the Limited Staking Window concludes.

The tokens of the Delta System

The Delta system consists of two tokens:

  • rLP token
  • Delta token

Both tokens play important roles inside the Delta system and can be acquired in different ways.

rLP Token

What is an rLP token?

The rLP token represents a part of the systems liquidity. Owning rLP tokens means, the user owns a part of the Delta infrastructure. The most efficient way to obtain rLP tokens is during the Limited Staking Window. It guarantees the cheapest minting price of rLP tokens. After the LSW is over, minting new rLP tokens will become increasingly expensive over time.

After the project has launched, a process called LP Rebasing occurs daily. Each time a rebase happens, the minting price for rLP tokens becomes increasingly expensive.

How to get rLP tokens?

The cheapest and most efficient way to obtain rLP tokens, is by participating in the Limited Staking Window.

Users can stake Ethereum into the LSW contract in exchange for rLP tokens. The Ethereum staked is locked indefinitely.

New rLP tokens can be minted after the Limited Staking Window concluded, however the minting price will be significantly higher and ever increasing due to the rebase mechanism.

What can I do with rLP tokens?

Initially, rLP tokens can be staked in the Deep Farming Vault to earn yield from the entire system, paid out as Delta & Ethereum.

Whenever a Delta Vesting Schedule is interrupted, the Deep Farming Vault receives locked Delta, to distribute as yield.

Delta Token

What is a Delta token?

The Delta token comes with a special trait called Delta Vesting Schedule.
A vesting schedule which is built into the token, to create a new form of liquidity, useful for writing options. Delta also plays a key role in the yield generating structure of this system. Staking rewards are paid out as Delta and yield produced by the Deep Farming Vault can be enhanced by staking this token.

Delta token holders can stake their Delta tokens in the Deep Farming Vault to earn profit sharing fees from the entire system.

How to get Delta tokens?

Delta can be obtained in two ways:

  • purchasing Delta from Uniswap (after LSW)
  • receiving Delta as staking rewards (staked rLP & staked Delta in the Deep Farming Vault)

After the Limited Staking Window has ended, a Uniswap pool will launch and the Delta token will be available for purchase.

Users who participated in the LSW will receive staking rewards on the rLP tokens in form of Delta.

There is no pre-sale of the token. You can only buy the token after the LSW event is over and our Uniswap pool has launched.

What can I do with Delta tokens?

Delta tokens can be staked in the Deep Farming Vault to earn yield from the overall system. They can also be used to increase your yield performance through a locking and burning mechanism.

Once we launch, Delta tokens are tradable on Uniswap.

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