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LSW: The First 24h

Delta’s LSW received over 4,000 ETH in deposits within 24 hours

Yesterday, successfully launched its Limited Staking Window, despite the high gas prices, the contract received over $6M worth of Ethereum in contributions within the first 24 hours. The LSW will continue until March 4th, 9:30 AM (PST).

Choosing a 10 day duration for the LSW has its advantage especially in regards to recent spikes in gas prices. We are expecting more contributions coming in throughout the next 9 days as gas prices stabilize, allowing smaller contributions to participate efficiently as well.

A Great Community

We announced our new product, almost two weeks ago, on February 10th 2021. Within this short period of time our community experienced incredible growth. Our Telegram channel attracted over 2,600 new members, our blog posts received +30,000 views and over 400 Referral ID’s have been generated.

Strong Start

The Limited Staking Window received +4,000 ETH in contributions within the first 24 hours from 800 separate Ethereum addresses. Our Referral program has gathered over $250,000 worth of Ethereum in commissions which is matched with another $250,000 in rLP credit. These rewards will be paid out to Referrers at the end of the LSW.

There’s currently an Early Sign Up bonus of 26% available for the LSW. Together with a 10% Bonus on your initial contribution if you use a Referral Link.

The Limited Staking Window will remain open for the next 9 days, during which the team will participate in AMA’s and release more content regarding the project.

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We are currently recruiting developers to help build Delta and coreDEX. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to @0xdec4f on Twitter.




Delta is an on-chain options layer which utilizes a combination of liquidity standards to reduce premiums and offer competitive options prices.

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