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The Effect of Liquidity Rebasing

The Delta ecosystem creates a new form of partially locked liquidity which can be used for a variety of financial products. The system requires the right incentives to promote the creation of Open Vesting Liquidity through token transfers. This is achieved by the Deep Farming Vault which generates and distributes yield to staked rLP & Delta tokens.

Two tokens work together inside the system to achieve Delta’s Open Vesting Liquidity. The Delta token, which creates vesting schedules upon transfer and the rLP token which secures the infrastructure through the locking of assets.

Cost-efficient rLP

rLP tokens have a special attribute of periodically rebasing its underlying liquidity and therefore increasing their mint price exponentially. To create maximum value for our early community members, a special launching event has been designed called Limited Staking Window. Participants can stake Ethereum in the launch contract, in return they receive rLP tokens. After the LSW closes, liquidity rebasing will significantly increase the minting price (~150%), making participation in the LSW much more cost efficient, compared to minting rLP tokens post launch.

A Limited Supply

Liquidity rebasing will continue to increase the minting price by 10% each day. As a result, the price of minting new rLP tokens becomes increasingly expensive to the point where they are unobtainable. The advantage of our liquidity rebasing is that the total supply of rLP is limited by time. This will generate advantageous pricing for Limited Staking Window participants and avoid diluting initial contributors.

What happens after the Limited Staking Window closes?

Once the LSW has closed, participants who staked Ethereum will receive their rLP contributions. On our website you will find a “Claim & Stake” button which automatically stakes your rLP in the Deep Farming Vault. Once staked, you will earn yield from the entire system in form of Delta and Ethereum.

rLP tokens earn Ethereum and Delta rewards

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