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DeltaHub Capital Overview — Joining The Guild & Offerings

To be successful in the cryptoverse, one must always be one step ahead of the competition. Unfortunately for the majority of investors, information on early-stage seed investments at rock-bottom rates is absolutely proprietary and difficult to get. Even when allocations are made public, they are reserved for powerful bankers and large funds. Here’s where DeltaHub steps in and provides traders with an amazing opportunity.


DeltaHub Capital (DHC) is an experienced network of Crypto enthusiasts, Investors, and Influencers established in 2018 and has raised capital for many projects since its establishment (full list of token raises here ).

To profit from DeltaHub, you must be a member of the Discord servers and tiers, where you will have the chance to invest in innovative crypto projects and help them succeed, and then reap the rewards in the long term.

This Article will shed light on how to join the Discord Server and access tiers to participate in token raises.

Part 1: Joining The Discord Server

DHC is a community that operates on the Discord platform. To join the community, you will need the following:

  • A Discord client (Web, Mobile, or Desktop, available from the various app stores).
  • A valid DHC Server invite (

Part 2: Access and Tiers

To be eligible for deals and receive access to their announcement channels, you must enable your membership through the Discord Collab bot.

Stake your DHC at and you will get sDHC which represents the amount of DHC staked in 1:1 ratio.

  • Type !join in the #join-dhc channel and bot will send direct message to your inbox.
  • Further instructions can be found here: Tutorial — joining the DHC server.
  • Only $sDHC tokens* held in the wallet count towards tier requirements and deals.
  • If you are having issues with access and would like assistance, DM the Community Moderator.

The Discord Collab Bot is set up to look for sDHC balance or Saga Begins NFT and will provide tiered access as per details below:

  • Top25 with min 60000 sDHC.
  • Early-Backers with min 16482 sDHC or 1 Saga Begins NFT.
  • Believers with min 10000 sDHC.
  • Hodlers with min 5000 sDHC.
  • Guests with min 100 sDHC.

Participating In Projects

Once the user has joined the discord server and accessed the respective tier, they can partake in token offering in the following way:

Announcement(s) of Token Offering

Upcoming deals are announced in advance in the #announcements channel.

Following that, token offers are gradually made available to the various levels. Stay updated on the “announcements” channel for your tier.

The following are the details of the offer that will be included in the Tiered Announcement:

  • Accepted currencies for the deal.
  • A Google Form link which will contain the terms including:

— The pitch for the project.

— Tier caps for the various groups (early backers / believers / hodlers).

— Token price.

— Vesting details (release/unlocking schedule for the tokens).

All deals are subject to the terms & conditions of the respective Project.

For more updates, follow and subscribe to the official DeltaHub Capital channels.

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Rarible | Opensea |

About DeltaHub Capital

DeltaHub Capital is a vibrant and active community which plays an important role in the crypto world. A tokenized decentralized Venture Capitalist (dVC) Pioneer of Community Governance Economic Model (C-GEM) and a battleground for gem hunting backed and supported by us!




A tokenized dVC! Pioneer of Community Governance Economic Model. Battle Ground for Gems hunting backed by us.

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