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Glitter Finance’s goal is to provide a flexible, interoperable, simplified, and accessible platform that will be beneficial to seasoned traders while also attracting new traders and interest in the blockchain field. Through a connection with the Glitter Bridge, Glitter Finance presents a platform that allows the redeployment of a part of locked tokens (collateral) on one chain into yield-generating vaults on another chain. Glitter Finance generates synthetic replicas of the collateralized tokens on the new chain, hence increasing capital efficiency and liquidity throughout the platform making it a shrewd venture for DeltaHub Capital to invest in.

The platform’s initial release focuses on using cross-chain bridges from Algorand to Solana, Algorand to Terra, and Algorand to Polygon. All bridges will be two-way. Additional bridges and chains will be built and placed on top of the ones utilized in the previous layer.

Problem Faced By De-Fi And the Solutions offered by Glitter

As the usage of De-Fi grows and its benefits are discovered, some issues are also emerging. Glitter seeks to provide remedies to such challenges, let’s take a closer look at the issues and their solutions.

-High network expenses, as well as speed limits

With a TVL of more than $85.0 billion, the present DeFi sector is massively oriented on the Ethereum network. While adopting a single platform allows for smooth connectivity with many protocols, Ethereum in its current state is impeding De-Fi adoption.

Thus, having the Glitter bridge between chains provides flexibility for the users and traders.

-Inefficiency in liquidity and a fragmented user base

There are already over fifteen distinct Blockchain technology networks selling DeFi goods. The development of DeFi solutions across several blockchains has resulted in a scattered user base with liquidity spread across different chains, another significant issue in the DeFi market is inefficient liquidity.

There are various causes for this inefficiency, including the quick introduction of new protocols, manipulative efforts to entice liquidity providers (LPs), the CeFi ripple effect, particularly on centralised exchanges, and uneven information dissemination pathways.

Glitter Finance provides a solution by developing a cross-chain bridge that incorporates yield and, effectively, generates an active trading environment within the bridge itself by introducing a cross-chain bridge.

-Managing many farms is both more expensive and time demanding.

Experienced yield farmers struggle to stay up with the ever-expanding business potential in the DeFi space. This makes it more difficult for beginners to get started, and users have a plethora of options to choose from, making it difficult to manage their yield farming across several platforms.

Glitter uses deep neural algorithms (derived from Al and machine learning) to deliver the greatest yield return to users by optimizing across several chains and re-deploying lock assets, making it unrivalled for existing applications and assisting customers in obtaining the best return on investment.

Key Features of Glitter Bridge

The following features of Glitter make it stand out among its peer and provide an unrivalled experience to its users and create flexibility like no other:

  • Create a cross-chain bridge between the Algorand, Solana, Polygon, and Terra blockchains to allow traders from all ecosystems to take advantage of the DeFi economic improvements.
  • Integrate yield into the bridge to eliminate capital inefficiencies and to establish a linked environment for all traders and community members.
  • To overcome fragmentation, build a cross-chain bridge using numerous chains.
  • Yield integration will help to create a genuine meeting place for people from various blockchain groups.
  • Yield will be used to entice traders from the Solana, Algorand, Terra, Cudos, and Polygon DeFi ecosystems to travel into the bridge’s ecosystem of partner blockchains.
  • Create an easy platform design to encourage adoption and attract new users.

Use Cases of the $XGLI Token

Traders in the Glitter Finance ecosystem will benefit from having the $XGLI token in the following ways:

  • The ability to add a new yield farm to the list.
  • The capacity to adjust treasury costs based on yield earned from the user asset redeployment.
  • The ability to alter treasury fees for cross-chain transfers.
  • The ability to make changes to Oracle addresses.
  • The opportunity to elect a new administrator, such as through a community-controlled DAO.
  • Because this DAO has the ability to choose a new administrator, the administration can change over time based on the decisions of the stakeholders.
  • The power to spend Treasury assets.
  • The yield is the only thing the user has access to, not the underlying token.

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