Announcing DeltaRelay Token Voting

Vote and trade immediately after ICO’s and airdrops.

Aug 9, 2018 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce the official launch of, a 0x based relayer with an emphasis on community governance.Delta Relay is built for the community, by the community.

On DeltaRelay, we aim to provide you a unique user experience by letting you trade any ERC20 token you have in your wallet right after ICO and Airdrops.

See how to trade on DeltaRely, please click this article.

Voting Rules

Listing Rules:

  • DeltaRelay will list the top 5 tokens that receive the most votes at the end of each round.

Free Votes as long as you have:

  • Valid wallet address
  • Holding minimum: token holdings > 0

Voting limits:

Regular users

  • Each IP or Wallet Address can cast 1 vote per day (24 hr).

🌟🌟HOT Token holders🌟🌟

  • Every 100 HOT adds daily voting limit by 1 vote. e.g.I held 2000 HOT; I can then have 20 more votes per day. In total I have 21votes per day.
  • Maximum votes per IP/Wallet Address: 30 votes per day.

First Round of Voting

At the end of this round of voting, the top 5 projects receiving the highest number of votes will be listed on DeltaRelay.

Come and vote for the projects you support!

Participating Projects for this round:

1.CyteCoin (CTC)
Official website:
2. Elixir (ELIX)
Official website:
3. Datavlt (DVT)
Official website:
4. eCoinomic(CNC)
Official website:
5. Vestarin (VST)
Official website:
6. Aviation Network Operation Chain (AVINOC)
Official website:
7. FOAM Token (FOAM)
Official website:
8. StealthCrypto (QMN)
Official website:
9. BitCoin ONE (BTCONE)
Official website:
10. Velix ID (VXD)
Official website:

Start voting now. Your voice matters!

Join our community and be one of us!





A community-driven wallet-to-wallet ERC20 exchange.


Written by

The Decentralized Exchange of the community, by the community, for community.


A community-driven wallet-to-wallet ERC20 exchange.

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