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You have to have experienced for yourself at least once what it is like to ride up one of the Island’s serpentine mountain roads on a racing bike on a hot spring day, rounding bend after bend, to begin to understand how many years of hard, consistent training are required to conquer the Tour de France. Eight times.

In an interview with DELUXE Mallorca Magazine Jan Ullrich talks about his plans for the future and his family’s new life.

This experience has turned former professional cyclist Jan Ullrich into one of the best-known ambassadors for his sport, following his retirement in 2007. When the German rider and his family moved to Mallorca in 2016, no-one was surprised. The Island offers perfect conditions for cyclists and Ullrich knows the routes well from his career days. In recent years he has run successful workshops here, too. His clients include passionate cyclists from all over the world and also entrepreneurs for whom annual cycle training is just part of their career management. Physical fitness is just one part of it, for some of the routes you need mental stamina, too. The tours are matched to the individual ability of the riders, who can choose to focus on scenic or culinary routes.

Herr Ullrich, you moved to Mallorca last year. Why did you decide to do this?
During my racing career and even afterwards, with my cycling events, I spent a lot of time in Mallorca. I always felt very comfortable on this beautiful Island. So last year we decided to take the plunge and we moved the whole family here. The weather and the perfect conditions for cycling were of course among the reasons. But above all we wanted to give our children the chance to get to know a new country and to learn a number of languages quite naturally. We have found ourselves a new home near Palma, on the edge of the Tramuntana Mountains. It is within easy reach of the children’s school, Palma and lots of wonderful training routes.

For years you came to Mallorca to train for races and now you offer training camps here yourself. What makes the Island so perfect for professional cyclists?
First of all, Mallorca enjoys really good weather. Added to that Palma airport means people can fly in from all over the world. Conditions for cycling are simply ideal. There are any number of good training routes, flat and also really mountainous, which is important when you are preparing yourself for the season ahead. The infrastructure is also good — lots of hotels, cafés and restaurants that are geared towards cyclists. The locals are also very tolerant of cyclists on their roads.

Are there particular routes that you would recommend to amateur cyclists?
Personally I like to stick to the interior of the Island for the first few days and I do the same with my clients. The routes there are flat and slightly undulating, perfect for acclimatising yourself. The coast road towards Sa Rapita and the routes around Petra appeal to me, and then perhaps smaller mountains like Randa. But then of course you have to tackle some of the mountain stages in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the Island.
I also offer personally guided tours for individuals, companies or groups, here on the Island and throughout the world. Here the emphasis is not on performance, but on the joy and pleasure you get from cycling.

You also enjoy walking, do you have any routes you prefer?
We actually always walk as a family and as our youngest is only four years old we tend to choose less difficult walks. Our two favourite destinations are the ‘Cor de Jesus’ statue in Esporles and Castel Aláro. Both are achievable in about one and a half hours, even for the children, and you get wonderful wide-reaching views of the Island and the sea. In the summer we want to spend the night in one of the many ‘refugios’ — it will be a real adventure for the children.

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