The Long Game Part 2: The Missing Chapter

A video essay about our distorted view of creativity and success

This is the second of a two-part series on what history can teach us about creativity and success. Watch part one here.

“What’s the thread that connects history’s greatest achievers? It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s the complete opposite to how we think today.”

Studying the patterns of some of history’s greats reveals all sorts of things, but perhaps most surprising of all, it turns out there’s a huge blind spot in our understanding of what it takes to do meaningful work.

This unexpected missing chapter in the biographies of great achievers, from da Vinci to Disney, not only reveals what’s really behind every creative masterpiece and scientific breakthrough but also raises a big question about whether mastery is possible in the modern age.

Do we have what it takes to do timeless work?

Presenting: The Long Game Part 2: The Missing Chapter

Delve deeper

Click here to watch part one of the series.

The series was part inspired by “Mastery” by Robert Greene

You can read more about Leonardo daVinci’s difficult years in: “Da Vinci’s Ghost: Genius, Obsession and how Leonard Created the World in his Own Image” by Toby Lester

This series began life as a couple of essays on Medium: Difficult & 47 years to success.

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