Why Da Vinci was no genius

A video essay on our distorted view of creativity & success

In this video I’m going to try and convince you that the great Leonardo da Vinci was actually kind of a loser. And that everytime we proclaim him as a “genius” we’re actually distorting the truth about how creativity really works.

It’s a video that you want to see if you’ve ever felt unsuccessful, or that other people are more successful than you; or if you’re stressing about turning 30.

Presenting: why da Vinci was no genius


Delve deeper

For more on Leonardo da Vinci’s early years take a look at some of these books.
Da Vinci’s Ghost: Genius, Obsession and how Leonard Created the World in his Own Image by Toby Lester
Leonardo and the age of the eye by Ritchie Calder (in libraries)
Mastery by Robert Greene

This series began life as a couple of essays on Medium: Difficult published May 2013 & 47 years to success published July 2013

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