Drive impact by bringing others into your research process

Introducing collaborative qualitative analysis in Delve

Bringing others into your research process will build more trust, and enable your research to drive more impact.

One way researchers have accomplished this is through in-person workshops, where the whole team can group post it notes together. However this becomes problematic if you can’t be in the same place at the same time, or if your research study has an enormous amount of data.

That’s why we added collaboration to Delve, allowing you to digitally bring your team into your process.

Analyze insights asynchronously

With Delve’s web based experience, you can work across time zones and locations to find insights together. You can divide up the work and have team members analyze different transcripts and notes, or analyze the same set of transcripts and notes to see where your interpretations differ.

Share and review your work

Before your research is complete, do checkins with team members or stakeholders. Share your project to enable others to see your progress, and provide feedback.

Showing your journey builds trust before you share your final report.

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