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Interview with Miro’s Head of Design Vlad Zely

Vlad will discuss more in depth the future of work and how to design for it at Design Matters 21, which will take place in Copenhagen and online, on Sep 29–30, 2021. Get your ticket now!

Vlad Zely for
Bring everyone to me functionality in Miro. Once you bring all of the participants to the particular area of the board, Miro enables auto-following, which means that all of the collaborators will be seeing exactly the same content as you. From Attention management by Miro.
Part of Miro’s design team. From
Miro Design WIP — Miro’s very first virtual design meetup from their WIP series. Event taking place on May 27, online.

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Giorgia Lombardo

Editor of DeMagSign, Head of Brand & Comms at Design Matters. Interested in design, society, and culture.

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