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Digital Supermodel Shudu. From Amazing Zone

Meet the Humans of the Future: Holograms, Digital Humans, and Deep Fakes

With AI and 5G developing increasingly faster, we will soon experience reality in new ways — literally and figuratively — through technologies that will make us question what “real” is.


Still from Black Mirror’s episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” From radio.wosu

The risk of falling into the Uncanny Valley

BTS’s performance at 2020 MAMA, aired on December 6th, where one member of the band, who was absent because of an injury, was replaced by a hologram.

Bringing dead artists back

Pepper’s Ghost technique. From Magic Holo

Fighting against animal cruelty with holograms

The hologram you can feel and hear

Real-time holograms


Interactivity at the expense of realism

V-Streamers Miko being mocapped. A V-Streamer is a unique desktop virtualisation solution that delivers secure remote access.
Miko interacting with users for the first time

Realism at the expense of interactivity

Shudu (Left), Dagny (Centre), Miquela (Right)


Digital humans who can have fluid conversations

Digital humans with a virtual nervous system

Lia (on the right) and another digital human by Soul Machines. From Reseller


AI might not be able to protect us from the potentially disruptive effects of deep fakes in society

Zoom calls with deep fakes

AI can create deep fake nudes in seconds

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