Donald Trump has nominated Wendy Vitter to be a lifetime federal judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Here are the top five things you need to know about her.

Demand Justice
May 15 · 2 min read

1. Wendy Vitter wants to shut down Planned Parenthood.

In 2013, Wendy Vitter protested the construction of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in New Orleans. She even falsely claimed that Planned Parenthood “kill[s] over 150,000 females a year.” When Vitter testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Richard Blumenthal repeatedly asked her about this statement: “Very simply, you said Planned Parenthood kills 150,000 females a year. 150,000 people. Do you stand by that statement? It’s a yes or no.” Vitter refused to answer.

2. Wendy Vitter uses junk science to promote her extreme anti-abortion agenda.

In 2013, Wendy Vitter moderated a panel called “Abortion Hurts Women’s Health” at an event hosted by Louisiana Right to Life. After one speaker asserted “contraceptives cause cancer,” Vitter promoted that speaker’s brochure entitled “The Pill Kills,” which even claims that women who use birth control are more likely to die a violent death. She said, “Go to Dr. Angela’s website…download [the brochure], and at your next physical, you walk into your pro-life doctor and say, ‘Have you thought about putting these facts or this brochure in your waiting room?’ Each one of you can be the pro-life advocate to take that next step.”

3. Wendy Vitter has a long history of advocating to limit women’s access to reproductive health care.

At the “Abortion Hurts Women’s Health” panel, Wendy Vitter cheered Texas’s extreme anti-abortion laws, “Last year, Texas led the nation in some very pro-life, restrictive laws led by a very strong governor….They are making great strides in making it very difficult to get abortions in Texas.” The Supreme Court later struck down this Texas law. Vitter also praised Louisiana’s anti-abortion efforts, “We’re gonna be right there, because our lobbying efforts in the Louisiana legislature are always, you know, right up front. The pro-life forces are there. We’re the ones who have mandated ultrasounds before anybody can have an abortion.”

4. Wendy Vitter tried to hide her extreme record from the United States Senate.

Even though judicial nominees are required to disclose all public speeches to the Senate as part of the confirmation process, Wendy Vitter failed to disclose more than 100 speeches and documents — including her protest of Planned Parenthood and the “Abortion Hurts Women’s Health” panel.

5. Wendy Vitter’s extreme record goes beyond reproductive rights — she won’t even say if she supports Brown v. Board of Education.

When Wendy Vitter testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she was asked if she supported the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which outlawed racial segregation in schools. She repeatedly refused to answer.

Demand Justice

It all comes down to the courts.

Demand Justice

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Demand Justice

It all comes down to the courts.

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