Why the B2B Marketing Playbook is broken (and how you can fix it)

Edwin Abl
Edwin Abl
May 6, 2018 · 7 min read
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Why B2B marketing is harder than ever

Beware of unconnected experiences

Let’s take events as an example — a channel that’s critical for B2B. The standard approach to pipeline development is designing an events programme. The massive problem here is there is generally no after thought about how you tie events into your whole demand generation funnel. They are massively disconnected.

What is the outcome we want when someone comes to an event?

What is the outcome we want after someone is sent an email?

What is the outcome we want after we’ve had a meeting with them?

The idea of connected work-flows for prospects needs to resonate through the whole team. The role as a marketing leader is to enable that process. Sam Hurley cited that “Every brand interaction counts, regardless of perceived influence on sales!” in his predictions around 3 Hot B2B marketing trends in 2018.

“The pipeline is down five million, let’s plan an event.”

It’s fine to create a point-in-time campaign to drive a particular action, but it’s essential that you think about how that campaign fits into your wider strategy.

How to Build a connected system

Connected touch points are integral to the process of generating revenue.

Step #1: Design a high-level process

When it comes to designing a connected funnel that will allow you to execute tactics, you really need to start with a high-level map.

Step #2: Break-down granular activities

You need to break the overall plan down into small tactical steps that are easy to action. For example, you can break down all your activities into a simple google sheet.

Step #3: Measure and change-course

Most importantly, you need to now measure how effective your campaigns, connected events, offline, online are influencing your funnel. Using this data is key to understanding the overall success of your investments and ROI evaluation,.

Opportunities to re-shape your playbook

Closing thoughts are, all marketers need to think strategically about revenue generation. These thoughts need to be based on the long term.

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