Her first time: part 6, Demeter’s Apocalypse

Persephone dove
from Heaven’s heights.
She bathed herself
in pale moonlight.

Persephone flew
in poisoned skies.
She tasted air
seasoned with flies.

Persephone felt
mist on her skin.
Or was it blood
of distant kin?

Persephone strode
through burning woods
past baffled ghosts
in umber hoods.

Persephone saw
corpses piled,
endless food for
dogs running wild.

Persephone screamed
and tore her veil.
Was anyone
left on earth to wail?

Mother, you suck. 
Can I come home now?

To be continued…

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Demeter’s Apocalypse is an ongoing experiment. The goal is to tell a complete story in a series of 15–20 standalone poems. If this sounds interesting, I hope you’ll recommend this post (by clicking the ❤ button). Thanks so much for reading.