The last dinner party: part 13, Demeter’s Apocalypse

Father roasted the meat.
Mother made the salad.
Son set the table.
Persephone stared at her plate.
Father opened the moonshine.
Mother found the glasses.
Son poured the drinks.
Persephone took one sip, 
and then another

Father raised his gun.
Mother pulled her knife.
Son screamed, “No, 
we’re not that hungry.”
Persephone opened her hands,
and brought the green light.
Father’s brain fed an oak.
Mother’s heart grew a vine.
Son’s loins sowed a million seeds.
Persephone blacked out.

Demeter’s Apocalypse is an ongoing experiment in storytelling. My goal is to tell a complete story in a series of 15 or so standalone poems. If this sounds interesting, I hope you’ll recommend this post (by clicking the ❤ button) so others can see it and comment. Thanks so much for reading.