Credit: PerlaMarina

Where is my daughter?: part 17, Demeter’s Apocalypse

Demeter followed
Helios to work.

She rode on
his warm, 
burnished back,
nestled against
the morning

She rappelled
down a sunbeam
to the highest peak
on Mortal Earth.

She surveyed
her wounded

Smoking fields.
Barren clouds.
Stillborn rain.
Frozen wastes.
Dying survivors.

The world needs Spring.
What did I do?
Where is my daughter?

Hades shuddered.
The Elysian Fields,
Persephone’s first art,
were bringing sloppy life
to his sterile Hell.
I must talk to that bitch Demeter…

Demeter’s Apocalypse is an ongoing experiment in storytelling. My goal is to tell a complete story in a series of roughly 20 standalone poems. If this sounds interesting, I hope you’ll recommend this post (by clicking the ❤ button) so others can see it and comment. Thanks so much for reading.

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