Reach ultimate euphoria at the Happy Prince

You’re on your way to Mar Mikhael with a big appetite, a burger on your mind, but not in the mood to embark on a street food adventure. The Happy Prince is the place to go for a classy and gourmet burger accompanied by fantastic music, a fancy drink and a mood like no other.

Walk your way to Alexander Fleming Street with high expectations only to be welcomed with an attitude that surpasses your standards. During the evening, because of their 21+ age restriction after 7:30 pm, the atmosphere becomes all the more mature and exclusive.

Bear in mind that it is better to reserve because the Happy Prince tends to get filled with eager foodies easily, with less than ten tables seating their customers.

Source: The Happy Prince

Although the whole menu is mouth watering, the Dry Aged Burger is a must. The burger patty is made of dry-aged US black angus beef and cannot be cooked at more than a medium temperature, which intensifies the flavor. The beef melts in your palate like butter, and speaking of, the brioche is smothered with a generous layer of butter. The top part is grilled for an extra crisp and the bottom part is just as rich in butter for a smoother experience.

Even though the burger is a five-star experience, the fries that accompany it are unfortunately not on the right side. They are too oily and ruin the taste of the burger. Rather than putting a large quantity of fries that are plain and bland, it would be nice to mix up the gourmet experience by adding a side of sweet potato fries instead, or even potato rosti.

Other than this signature burger, they also have a regular cheeseburger that drives you all the way to America with their traditional cheese and pickles. The Happy Prince also has a variety of fresh and filling salads on their menu, including but not limited to the beat salad that is rich in mesclun, roasted beets, tangy goat cheese, nuts, and garlic chips and is drizzled with a maple dressing for a sweet mix.

Also, you cannot miss their homemade cultured butter served with pain de campagne as a starter.

Save up all week for dinner at the Happy Prince, not only because of the amount of calories you will devour but also because of the price. The Dry Aged Burger is at LBP 35,000, which is one of the most expensive prices for a burger in the market. However, it is truly worth every lira.

Don’t miss their selection of cocktails but do miss their French Toast, because it is not as good as it looks or sounds. The dessert will give you a sugar overdose due to the amount of caramel and powdered sugar, and if you try to avoid the caramel, the toast tastes a bit eggy.

Dare to impress yourself with a nice meal and good company at the Happy Prince.

*article originally written for AUB Outlook*