Sandwich w Noss opens up another level for snacks

Photo: Sandwich w Noss’s official Facebook page

With the opening of its latest branch in Hamra, students have been rushing to taste the delicacies of Sandwich w Noss that not only fills your appetite to the brim, but is also easy on the wallet.

Since the opening of its first branch in Gemmayzeh, the concept became a part of the Beirut street food experience. For those who wish to have a quick bite on the go, they can pick up their sandwiches and continue their errands, but the restaurant does propose a few bar stools to relax.

The name itself translates the concept, meaning a sandwich and a half. The parlor offers mega sized sandwiches ranging from 15 cm, for those that are not quite hungry, to 40 cm for those who are starving. From breakfast to after midnight snack, there’s a sandwich for every time of the day, and every occasion.

Sandwich w Noss makes you travel back in time with their fabric menu and old pepsi logos and ancient movie posters, not to forget that you get a free glass soda with every sandwich while dining in.

Their “Kafta Malghoume” is a big hit, not only because the arabic bread is toasted to perfection, but because of the extra hint of oiliness that permeates from the slightly fatty kafta meat. However, they tend to add a bit too much mayonnaise, which hides the extremely delicious taste of the meat.

Another sandwich that works in the morning and all through the day is their Halloum Bulghari. They literally added the two most loved cheeses among the Lebanese culture and called it a sandwich, which shows their side of creativity and innovation.

The prices are quite affordable, with the most expensive sandwich being the Philadelphia cheese at LBP 11,000 and the least expensive being the Potato at LBP 3,500.

Customers get to choose whether they want to have a sandwich and a half or just an ordinary sized sandwich, which makes it even more convenient.

Sandwich w Noss also has a popular branch in Gemmayze, where people pile up for a satisfying snack following their late night partying routine.

So, step back and relax when your friends ask you for a new place to try for lunch because Sandwich w Noss won’t disappoint.

*article originally written for Outlook AUB on February 28, 2017*

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