Sharing stories of entrepreneurship

For the past twenty-five years, we at DeMinds have been fortunate to be a part of many different startup stories around the globe at a certain point of their life as a startup.

Some of these stories were good. Some of them were bad. Some of them are successful. Some of them are complete failures. But all of these startup stories have one thing in common: they are all interesting real life startup stories, created by ambitious people all over the world. People with a drive to make things better, to change things.

We have learned that being an entrepreneur in a startup in Europe has different challenges as well as advantages compared to starting and running a company in Asia or the US. What we’ve also learned is that there are differences within one continent or even within one country.

We believe that being able to listen to all these stories from places where we normally don’t come, makes an interesting read for all of us around the world involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

That’s what this DeMinds collection is all about: being a communication platform for entrepreneurs with the passion to share experiences of their local and regional daily encounters in being an entrepreneur around the world.

Over time, we hope that this publication will become a repository of global startup stories from which we all can learn something for our own ecosystem. Or just have fun reading them.

If you are an entrepreneur and you’d like to publish regularly about your life as a startup, don’t hesitate to contact us. And share it.


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