How did they crowdsource the Icelandic Constitution? The story behind the world’s most famous neo-democracy experiment.

1000 person workshop, putting together the Icelandic constitution

During my research for Democracy Squared, I got to interview the smart and eloquent Finnur Magnusson. The man who played the role of ‘CTO’ as a group of Icelandic citizens responded to the financial crisis by taking on a huge project: to create the world’s first ever crowdsourced constitution.

Plenty of juicy insights from the interview which have been really complementary to other progressive tech/democracy projects I’ve had the chance to speak to on this journey. It’ll all be available in the book in the coming months.

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Here’s our first podcast in the Democracy Squared series, we hope you enjoy listening to this abridged interview with Finnur. It’s also available on iTunes, Soundcloud or by searching for ‘flux’ in your podcast app. You can find the full transcript here.