The Democratic Income identification problem

Why is invitation-only.

The social network is a simulation of a Democratic Income monetary system.

A Democratic Income monetary system is one where every person who has an account on it gets paid the same amount of currency, every day, simply for being an existing, living person.

To implement a Democratic Income monetary system, one has to solve the identification problem: it must be hard for people to create fake or duplicate accounts (to receive more than their fair share of money-creation payments) and to control accounts with hijacked identities (accounts that present a profile of an existing person, but the existing person is not actually in control of the account).

The identification problem is quite hard. It is the real challenge of democratic money creation.

The project currently runs on a single server, and is developed and managed by a single person. It is a small project at the moment. And the strategy to solve the identification problem has to be a simple one.

The current strategy is an invitation-only membership model. The social network starts out with a single trusted-by-default user (yours truly), which then invites her trusted friends into the network, which then invite their trusted friends, an so on. Thus, all users who enter the network will have someone vouching for their identity, which is the person who invited them in.

In the future, if the project grows, other strategies for validating users could be adopted which don’t require users to be invited in. However, if we can scale the system, then it might be the case that everyone on Earth who is interested will eventually be reached by the expanding wave of invitations.

The more important question is whether the invitation model solves the identification problem. And that is the first question that I want this project to answer.