The election is over, but the work is just getting started

A look at where we’re heading

Jennifer Kane
Apr 12 · 4 min read
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We’ve won the presidency. We’ve flipped the Senate. We’ve held the House. I, along with so many others, got involved in this election cycle with the laser focus of getting Trump out of the White House. And yet, the insurrection at the Capitol illustrated just how much work there is to be done. Our victories in 2020 are historic, but in order to create systemic change we need to continue to elect Democrats at every level of government in every election.

To do so, we must continue to invest in the party infrastructure that helps Democrats run efficient, winning programs.

At DNC Tech, our work is guided by two core principles:

  • The infrastructure needed for effective, secure and efficient voter outreach should be built once and leveraged by every Democratic campaign. Our goal is to save campaigns time and money so they can focus on what matters most: the voters.
  • The DNC is uniquely positioned to aggregate and enhance decades of campaign data and develop tools to help campaigns reach voters (like

As we look to 2022 (and beyond), we’re focusing on the following five themes:

Breaking down data silos

Still, much of the data in the ecosystem is siloed and movement of data from one system to another is often plagued with inefficiencies and data loss. With the proliferation of new tools in the ecosystem, campaigns are using a more diverse suite of services than ever. In 2021 (and beyond), we’re looking to streamline data flow between platforms so that data staffers can focus on the data, rather than its movement.

Creating a holistic view of the (potential) voter

Since 2016, the DNC has purchased millions of cell phone numbers that helped campaigns pivot their programs from door knocking to phone-based. Likewise, in 2020 campaigns leveraged data from progressive organizations accessed via the Democratic Data Exchange (DDx) to improve their voter outreach, data science models, and reporting.

Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in diverse data that helps campaigns reach not only registered voters, but also potential voters.

Building versatile voter-centric tools

Continuing to build versatile voter-centric tools helps campaigns adapt to the election cycle, and more rapidly experiment with tactics.

Countering disinformation from multiple angles

Four pillars ground the DNC counter-disinformation program: threat detection, counter-messaging, policy, and education. As we look to future election cycles we will continue to build upon these pillars and support races up and down the ballot.

Instilling a culture of security

While the 2020 general election is over, we must remain as vigilant as ever. As we head toward 2022, as an ecosystem we need to prioritize building cultures of security within our organizations and security best practices in our platforms.

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