Investing in Jurny: Exploring AI Investment Opportunities in Startups and the Private Markets

Thinking about investing in Jurny and AI startups?

Caleb Naysmith
4 min readMar 25, 2024


The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors has prompted investors to scour the market for opportunities to capture the growth of this burgeoning giant. With behemoths like Nvidia, Google, and Meta already reaching astronomical valuations, the hunt for accessible yet promising AI investments is increasingly scarce. One often overlooked realm is in the private markets, with burgeoning startups taking on industries in new and exciting ways with the integration of artificial intelligence. For example, Jurny, with its AI-driven approach to revitalizing the hospitality industry, has convinced thousands of investors to invest over $12 million.

Seizing AI Momentum with Jurny

Jurny is looking to harness AI to target over $1 trillion in market inefficiencies. With a proven track record of over $35 million in bookings processed in a single year, Jurny illustrates the robust demand and scalability of its AI-powered platform. This is compounded by their partnerships with key titans within the hospitality industry like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia which has helped them grow to over 4000 units across 300+ markets. This traction has attracted top venture capitalists like Mucker Capital, Okapi VC, Vitalize VC, Singularity Capital, and SaaS VC, but for a limited time, investing in Jurny is open to the public.

How to Invest in AI Startups

Investing in AI startups offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Unlike established tech giants, startups offer a ground-floor entry point, but they require a keen eye for potential and a tolerance for risk. For those looking to dive into this dynamic space, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the startup’s technological edge, market potential, and the strength of its leadership team.

Investing in Nvidia & Large Caps vs. Jurny and Startups

Nvidia, Apple, Alphabet, Meta and other large-cap stocks offer a unique suite of both pros and cons when compared to startups like Jurny in the private markets. While Nvidia has been on a tear in recent months, large caps as a whole often offer more stability and modest growth prospects, appealing to risk-averse investors. Apple, for example, offers a stable dividend and 11% growth over the past 12 months.

Startups like Jurny, on the other hand, represent higher-risk, higher-reward type investments in new and burgeoning sectors, targeting a sector ripe for AI innovation. Jurny’s commendable growth showcases the potential from smaller-cap companies to scale faster due to a smaller organizational footprint and its new and unique take on a more traditional industry. Similarly, many tech giants are already worth trillions with capped upside due to unsustainable growth targets or billions of dollars in revenue growth translating to limited upside on already sky-high stock prices. For those with a knack for innovation, startups can offer a unique diversification option for a well-balanced portfolio.

Why Jurny Stands Out in the AI Investment Sphere

Jurny has achieved significant recognition within the property management and hospitality industry, marking its presence as a leader in artificial intelligence and customer service. The company was awarded the title of Category Leader in Property Management by GetApp, a prestigious member of the Gartner Digital Markets network. This accolade places Jurny on a global stage, showcasing it on a platform visited by over 100 million users annually. Jurny was lauded for its exceptional customer support, intuitive design, and powerful functionality.

But this is just one of many accolades awarded to Jurny for their continued success and innovation. Capterra named Jurny as one of the top Vacation Rental Software companies, celebrating its advanced AI capabilities, ease of use, and exceptional customer support. Jurny has been included in prestigious lists and reports such as Skift’s Short-Term Rental Summit “Short-Term Rental 250 List,” McKinsey’s report on “The Promise of Travel in the Age of AI,” and Generative AI’s “Top 100 AI Tools Transforming 2023.” As Jurny continues to be acknowledged for its excellence, it solidifies its status as a leading solution in the crossover between the hospitality and AI industries.

The Future of AI Investments: Beyond the Giants

The landscape of AI investment is evolving, with opportunities extending far beyond the traditional tech giants. Startups like Jurny represent the frontier of this shift, offering fresh avenues for investment that promise not just returns but also participation in the AI-driven transformation of global industries. As we look to the future, the potential for significant impact lies increasingly in these innovative ventures.

As Jurny’s CEO put it, “The biggest opportunity is going to be in owning proprietary data and infrastructures that are very industry-specific or niche.”

How To Invest in Jurny

Typically everyday investors aren’t able to invest in early-stage startups. But for a limited time anyone can invest in Jurny. For investors looking to learn more about whether Jurny would be right for their portfolio, click here to learn more on their raise page.

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