Investing in Med-X Pre-IPO? A Comprehensive Guide on The Green Solutions Company

An in-depth breakdown of investing in Med-X

Caleb Naysmith
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Pests have caused issues for farmers and food supplies since the beginning of time. And while farmers and other food suppliers are able to counter this with pesticides, chemical-based pesticides can cause harmful effects on humans. This has been a problem for ages with many pesticides being banned for adverse effects on humans. Med-X is an innovative ‘green solutions’ company that’s already producing all-natural alternative solutions to traditional pesticides and other harmful chemical-based products. The company is currently raising funds for a planned NASDAQ listing, and almost anyone can invest for a limited time.

What is Med-X?

Med-X is a pioneering company developing innovative plant-based solutions to re-invent pest control and pain management solutions. Med-X uses all-natural, healthy materials to develop effective alternatives to chemical-based products like pesticides to improve the consumer’s quality of life. Med-X’s Nature-Cide brand is an innovative, natural pesticide option that outperforms some of the leading chemical-based brands. Similarly, Thermal-Aid is a line of pain management products that utilize natural heating & cooling for pain management.

What is Med-X’s Share Price?

Med-X is currently raising at a share price of $3 per share.

How to Invest in Med-X?

Med-X is currently raising funds through an equity crowdfunding round with a planned NASDAQ listing, which means almost anyone can invest for a limited time. Equity crowdfunding rounds are regulated by the SEC and allow investors to buy equity in innovative companies before they hit the stock market. Investors looking to learn more or invest in Med-X can click here to check out their offering page and relevant investment materials.

Is Med-X a Good Investment?

Med-X offers a unique diversification option for investors looking to get into a number of markets. Much like a greener and more eco-friendly Proctor & Gamble, Med-X wants to be the go-to solution for natural remedies and products for a world increasingly reliant on dangerous chemical-based products. This has allowed them to scale to millions in revenue, with 93% growth from 2021 to 2023.

The company is currently raising for a planned NASDAQ listing under the reserved ticker MXRX, meaning investors also have an opportunity to invest in a pre-IPO company.

Med-X Investment Opportunity & Market Size

Med-X plans to use just one of its product lines to compete in the global $18 billion pest control market and the quickly growing $5.8 billion biopesticides market. Med-X is already partnering with key distributors and industry leaders to start capturing that market. For investors looking to learn more, you can checkout their offering page here.

Med-X Founder & Team

Having a rockstar team is a vital part of the success of any startup. This isn’t Med-X’s CEO, Matthew Mills, first time scaling a company on the NASDAQ. Mills previously grew a company to a market capitalization of over $200 million on the NASDAQ in his prior role before starting Med-X. Dr. Toomey, Med-X’s Chief Science Officer, has spent an impressive 24 years as a physician. Toomey uses his experience in medicine and clinical trials to create innovative, green solutions for Med-X.

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