Thinking About Investing in American Rebel, America’s Lifestyle Brand?

Everything you need to know about investing in American Rebel.

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American Rebel stands as a beacon of patriotism and defiance, epitomizing the spirit of America through its range of products. From its concealed carry backpacks and jackets to its safes, and now venturing into the beer market, American Rebel has continually evolved to try and meet the demands of its loyal customer base. With the upcoming launch of its “Patriotic, God-Fearing, Constitution-Loving, National Anthem-Singing, Stand Your Ground Beer” in early 2024, American Rebel may be poised to make a significant impact on the $110B+ beer market. For a limited time, investors can claim a stake in preferred shares in American Rebel giving them access to an 8% yearly dividend.

What is American Rebel?

American Rebel is a lifestyle brand dedicated to patriotic values. Their brand identity resonates with a broad spectrum of Americans who cherish their freedoms and the American way of life. The company’s product line, which includes concealed carry backpacks, jackets, and safes, caters to individuals prioritizing security and self-defense. The introduction of American Rebel Beer is a natural extension of the brand, offering customers a way to express their values through their beverage choices. American Rebel looks to capture the demand of their audience, and become the ultimate lifestyle brand for the American man.

American Rebel Investment Opportunity

While American Rebel is currently live on the NASDAQ, the company recently launched an offering to invest in preferred shares in the company that offers an 8% dividend. This means investors can claim a stake in the brand while earning passive income. Down the line, investors can convert their shares into common stock, which is currently trading on the NASDAQ.

American Rebel Stock Price

The current price for American Rebel’s preferred shares offering is $7.50.

Growth Prospects

American Rebel has a strong brand and community with several in-demand underlying products. But American Rebel believes their next big opportunity lies in the Beer market. The recent sales collapse of Bud Light has left a hole in the market, and American Rebel believes they’re the brand that could capitalize on this opening.

American Rebels Leadership

The leadership of American Rebel, spearheaded by CEO and founder Andy Ross, is a cornerstone of the brand’s success and market potential. Ross’s entrepreneurial journey, marked by the founding of Digital Ally and his ventures in media with the Maximum Archery World Tour, showcases a track record of innovation, market understanding, and brand building. His ability to connect with American values through music and television has been instrumental in defining American Rebel’s brand ethos.

Andy Ross’s leadership is complemented by a team with deep expertise in various sectors. Doug Grau, President and Interim Principal Accounting Officer, brings a wealth of experience from the music industry, having produced Ross’s albums and worked with notable talents. This creative insight is vital for American Rebel’s marketing and product development strategies.

Market Potential

The market potential for American Rebel extends beyond its current product lineup, venturing into the lucrative and expansive beer market. With the beer industry valued at over $110 billion in the United States alone, American Rebel’s foray into this sector is timely and strategic. The decline in Bud Light’s market share, due to various controversies and a shift in consumer preferences, has created a significant gap in the market. American Rebel Beer is poised to fill this void, appealing to a demographic that values patriotism and traditional American ideals — a segment that has felt increasingly alienated by the mainstream beer brands’ marketing strategies.

Is American Rebel a Good Investment?

American Rebel distinguishes itself through its patriotic branding and alignment with the values of its target market. The company’s expansion into the beer industry, coupled with its established product lines, offers a compelling investment opportunity. Investors currently have the ability to invest in American Rebel and start receiving an 8% dividend, which beats many top names across the stock market. For those who believe in the brand’s name and mission, enjoy a good beer, or are looking for a strong dividend opportunity, American Rebel gives interested investors a little of everything.

How to Invest in American Rebel?

Fortunately, anyone can invest in American Rebel’s preferred shares offering for a limited time. For those looking to learn more, just click here to explore their raise page and secure your investment in American Rebel.

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for American Rebel’s Regulation A Offering. Please read the offering circular at for additional information on the company and risk factors related to the offering.



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