Want to Invest in GolfSuites? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

A comprehensive breakdown on the GolfSuites investment opportunity.

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Investing in GolfSuites is an exciting way for investors to access a fast-growing market in golf entertainment.

Whether it’s people looking to improve their golf game or a Friday night date night, the recreational golf entertainment market is quickly becoming a top contender for people’s time and money. As it continues to grow rapidly, the market still remains largely untapped presenting an interesting opportunity for one startup.

GolfSuites offers a unique opportunity to invest in the burgeoning golf entertainment market.

Combining the love for golf with an innovative business model, GolfSuites is positioned to outperform competitors by offering a superior experience in terms of food and beverage, golf technology, and overall enjoyment.

GolfSuites already has three profitable locations operating, but it’s looking to grow and replicate that success. As such, the company recently launched an equity crowdfunding raise, which means anyone can own a stake in its success for a limited time.

Is Golf Suites a Good Investment?

GolfSuites presents a compelling investment opportunity in a growing market. Their proven profitability, innovative approach to golf entertainment, and expansion plans make them an attractive option for investors looking to capitalize on the emerging trends in the golf and entertainment industry.

GolfSuites Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity

GolfSuites identified a gap in the next-gen golf experience industry. Largely dominated by one key player, GolfSuites recognizes the potential for improvement by enhancing the food and beverage experience, offering more realistic golfing technology, and adopting a more scalable and sustainable business model. By improving the existing model, operating profitably, and capturing the demand of untapped cities, GolfSuites hopes to be a key player in the growing golf entertainment market.

Why GolfSuites Is Attracting Investors

The challenge with current golf entertainment models lies in their focus on larger facilities with high construction costs, limiting their market reach. Massive facilities means high startup and upkeep costs, limited cities to launch in, and difficulty managing profitability and affordability for guests.

GolfSuites offers a solution with smaller, more economical facilities that provide better experiences and higher-quality offerings. This means GolfSuites is more accessible to a broader audience, including smaller cities. These facilities provide the same high-quality experience customers have come to know and enjoy with the unique GolfSuites model.

How Can I invest in GolfSuites?

For a limited time, anyone can invest in GolfSuites. The company is looking to capture the market demand and start scaling. As such, the company is raising funds from investors. For those looking to claim a stake in this fast-growing market, investors can click here to learn more.

How Much is GolfSuites Stock?

GolfSuites stock currently has a share price of $10. Anyone can invest in GolfSuites stock for $10 per share.

The GolfSuites Business Model

GolfSuites is not just about golf; it’s about an elevated “Eatertainment” experience. Their venues feature 40–60 golf bays equipped with state-of-the-art technology like Trackman and Toptracer, offering real golf ball tracking and enhanced play. The focus is also on superior dining experiences, with chef-inspired and localized menus, catering to a wide range of tastes and dietary needs.

GolfSuites already has three locations operating profitably since 2019, with at least three more planned in 2024. A 40-bay venue can generate up to $4M in annual revenue at a margin of 40% as each guest spends an average of $40 per visit on gameplay, instruction, food, and beverage. Our main competitor has bays in the 100+ size, meaning they’re competing in only the largest markets.

Traction & Market Opportunity

GolfSuites operates at the intersection of two multi-billion dollar markets — golf driving ranges and family fun centers. With demographic trends favoring golf, including a significant rise in off-course golfers, women, and younger players, GolfSuites tailors its experience to these growing segments.

GolfSuites has already established profitable locations in Tulsa, Lubbock, and Baton Rouge, with more venues in development. With strategic partnerships including industry giants like Kevin Harrington and Trackman, GolfSuites is set to expand its footprint, aiming to open several new facilities in the coming years.

GolfSuites Expansion Strategy

With a target of over 444 cities in the US alone, GolfSuites is ready to scale rapidly. The focus on 40-bay venues, especially in the southeastern US, allows for quicker openings with better economics. They also plan to introduce indoor/simulator venues to further their market reach.

The industry is witnessing a growing interest in golf and golf-centric entertainment. GolfSuites is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, offering a fun and engaging way for people to enjoy golf.

GolfSuites aims to be the worldwide destination of choice for golf entertainment. Their mission revolves around providing an all-inclusive, fun, and engaging experience focused on hospitality and game improvement.

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for GolfSuites’s Regulation A Offering. Please read the offering circular at invest.golfsuites.com. See the full 17-B disclosure here.



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