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Aug 30 · 3 min read
D Emptyspace Gallery by Veronica Wong

We’re always introducing new features to D Emptyspace to help you grow your following and discover more amazing artists. Along with the most recent update which included 4 new gallery designs and D Space, we’ve added a few extras.

Now you can share your galleries beyond the app with better sharing and screenshots. Plus make your artwork more discoverable by tagging your artist description, gallery description, and individual artwork description.

Share your galleries with anyone and everyone

Share your galleries with anyone on any device even if they don’t have the app installed yet.

Now it’s easier to share your D Emptyspace galleries with friends who don’t have iPhones or haven’t downloaded the app yet. The new sharing page lets people virtually tour your entire gallery — not just a still image — on their internet browser.

The sharing feature works for iPhone, Android, and desktop on all popular internet browsers.

The sharing process is the same as before. You can share via the gallery statement page or via screenshot.

Option 1: Share from the gallery statement page

From inside any gallery, just tap the statement button to enter the gallery statement page.

You’ll find the share icon right next to the comments icon. Tap it to generate a web link that you can share via social media, text, email, airdrop, or any other popular method.

Option 2: Share via screenshot

Click the instagram story below to see how to share via screenshot.

Option 3: Share on Instagram via Swipeable

If you’d like to share with your followers on Instagram while keeping the interactive gallery feel — you can!

After exporting your gallery screenshot, use an app like Swipeable to create an interactive Intagram post. Below are two examples.

Bonus: Your gallery is no longer limited to your small iPhone screen. Now you can view your art in crystal clear quality (thanks to our smart rendering algorithm) on a large screen of any size.

But remember, you still need an iPhone with the app installed to create galleries, comment on art, follow artists, and more.

Android users — we hear you! Hold tight and stay tuned, a full Android and web app (accessible via any desktop browser) are in development and coming in the next few months!


We’ve added hashtag support to D Emptyspace! Now you can add and search tags on artwork descriptions, gallery summaries, and your profile.

To add a tag to your description, just type the “#” symbol before a word. If you include a space it will be considered as two separate hashtags.

How to search using hashtags

To search using hashtags (also known as ‘tags’), follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the search bar
  2. Type the keyword you want to search (eg. “paint”)
  3. Tap “tags” to switch from searching for “Accounts”
  4. Tap “search” as usual

We hope you enjoy the added functions! Let us know if you have any requests for future updates.

Download the app on iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

Follow D Emptyspace for more company updates and art-curated content!

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D Emptyspace

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D Emptyspace

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D Emptyspace

Unleash your creativity

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