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[Announcement]🔥DeNations Art Boosting Event🔥

👉 Enter Raffle:

Top 5 Winners with the highest entries
Croatia Nation Ownership NFT
The remaining 10 Winners selected randomly
Croatia Nation Ownership NFT

15 Croatia Nation Ownership NFTs ≈ $1500

📢Buy Art NFT & Win 100%
Buy Ice Chainz
Egypt Nation Ownership NFT≈$120
Buy LOST series
Finland Nation Ownership NFT≈$100
Buy Invincible Donut
Colombia Nation Ownership NFT≈$100
Buy National Anthem
Slovakia Nation Ownership NFT≈$60

⏱Event Ends: Feb 18th, 10:00 UTC

🚀Art boosting is Now 5x Higher🚀
- Art NFT can boost D-GDP up to 25% of its art index
- Higher art index = Higher D-GDP boost
- Higher D-GDP = Higher token rewards
- Attaching Art NFT to nations with higher D-GDP results in higher number of D-GDP Boost
- Attaching Art NFT to nations with lower D-GDP results in higher percentage increase rate of Total D-GDP

🎨DeNations Art Chain:

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