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Change your SMTS Digital Fame Asset to Ownership NFT Card

  • This event is only open to the owners of SMTS Digital Fame Asset.
  • The owner of SMTS Digital Fame Asset can participate in this event by replying to an email which is sent to the owner regarding this event.
  • Only first-come, first-served 10 assets can be converted.
  • We will compensate the SMTS Digital Fame Asset’s estimated value with a 150% premium.
  • SMTS Digital Fame Asset’s estimated value in SMTS= (Last sale price of the asset) x 50% + (Average weekly payment of the asset/Average weekly interest rate) x 50%
  • The owner can convert their asset’s estimated value to SMTS or DeNations’ Ownership NFT Cards of released nations. (France, Japan, Italy, India, Republic of Korea, Estonia, Malta, Switzerland)
  • Number of convertible ownership NFT cards is limited by the value of the asset the owner intends to convert and the available inventories of NFT cards.
  • Value of “1 DGDP-2019” of the ownership card is equal to 1,000 SMTS
    ex) 1 France Ownership NFT Card = 574.42 DGDP-2019 = 57,420 SMTS
  • Example
    - Value of SMTS Digital Fame Asset — AbuDhabi : 3,319,961.65 SMTS
    - Transition Value of the asset in SMTS(150% Premium) : 8,299,904.13 SMTS
    - Transition Value of the asset in DGDP-2019(150% Premium) : 8,299.90 DGDP 2019
    * The owner can change his asset to one of the below.
    1) 8,299,904.13 SMTS
    2) 14 France Ownership NFT Cards + 258,024.13 SMTS
    3) 14 Japan Ownership NFT Cards + 505,264.13 SMTS
    4) 18 Italy Ownership NFT Cards + 305,024.13 SMTS
    5) 26 India Ownership NFT Cards + 80,264.13 SMTS
    6) 27 Republic Ownership NFT Cards + 129,704.13 SMTS
    7) 124 Estonia Ownership NFT Cards + 21,664.13 SMTS
    8) 137 Malta Ownership NFT Cards + 26,474.13 SMTS
    9) 34 Switzerland Ownership NFT Cards + 184,444.13 SMTS
  • SMTS Digital Fame Asset Transition Table




Decentralized Nations by Smatoos — Collect, Play, Earn with your cities and nations represented by NFT token.

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