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DENA Buyback Executed

As the DeNations team announced about the “DENA Buyback Policy” before, we successfully executed the buyback of DENA to support its value.

Details are following:

Buyback Execution Date: July 9th, 2021, 03:40:34 AM UTC

1st ETH OUT: 5
1st DENA IN: 1,6226.33
DENA IN Price: 6.526232603
DENA Price (Before): 6.2847
DENA Price (After): 6.63
Price Increase Rate: 5.49%

2nd ETH OUT: 5
2nd DENA IN: 1,516.84
DENA IN Price: 6.997309582
DENA Price (Before): 6.6758
DENA Price (After): 7.06
Price Increase Rate: 5.76%

Important to note:

  • Buyback execution may happen at arbitrary times at our discretion without prior notice to prevent abusing activity of arbitrage players. Buyback frequency may be also arbitrary.
  • Next Buyback Execution may also happen arbitrarily without prior notice.



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