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DENA Swap Tutorial

In this tutorial, it will show you how to swap ETH → DENA

Step 1. Go to 1inch.

Step 2. Go to the drop-down menu next to token type and search DENA by inputting DENA token address.
(DENA token address: 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA)

Step 3. Press ‘Import’, check the ‘I understand’ box, then press ‘Import’ again to set desired token type.

Step 4. Press ‘Connect Wallet’.

Step 5. Check the terms of service and privacy policy, then choose network and wallet. Your wallet will be automatically linked.

Step 6. Go to your wallet and connect.

Step 7. Input the amount that you want to swap to DENA.

Step 8. Press the ‘Swap’ button.

Step 9. Check the agreement and press ‘Sign and proceed’.

Step 10. A signature request will automatically pop up. Press ‘Sign’ to proceed.

Step 11. Check the confirmation summary and press ‘Confirm swap’.

Step 12. When the transaction confirmation window appears in your wallet extension, check the gas fee amount and press ‘Confirm’.

Step 13. Go to your wallet and press ‘import tokens’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 14. Click on the ‘Custom Token’ tab and input DENA token contract address.
(DENA token contract address: 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA)

Step 15. Press ‘Add Custom Token’.

Step 16. Press ‘Import Tokens’.

Step 17. Check your wallet to see DENA under the ‘Assets’ tab.



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