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💫DeNations 2nd ‘Land NFT’ Airdrop💫

Share about DeNations ‘Treasure Hunt’, and Get LAND NFT!⛰


(China) Level 4 Land NFT X 5
(China) Level 2 Land NFT X 10

⏱~Dec 7th, 9:00(UTC)
24 hours

✔️DeNations ‘Treasure Hunt’ Feature
Shenzhen “Treasure Hunt” starts on December 8th.
Landowners who mint lands will have a chance to open the hidden treasure box. Treasures are Wrapped Ether (WETH), and the landowner could find treasure up to 0.1 WETH per box.

👉Learn about DeNations Land:
👉DeNations Land Map:
👉Learn about ‘Treasure Hunt’:



Decentralized Nations by Smatoos — Collect, Play, Earn with your cities and nations represented by NFT token.

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