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DeNations Art Block Policy Change

In order to give more choice options for Art collectors, DeNations Art Chain Block policy will be modified.

Previous Policy Before Change

  1. Art series which share the same theme are issued as DeNations Art NFTs and grouped into one Art Block, and the next block will be issued only when the previous block is sold out.
  2. Artworks belonging to the same block share the sales revenue of the next connected blocks according to the Block Reward policy.

New Policy

  1. Several artworks will be on sale without block assigned.
  2. No matter who the artist is, Art NFTs sold during 2 weeks will be issued as one block and connected to the existing blocks. If not a single Art NFT is sold, a block will not be issued.
  3. This new policy will be implemented from Block #5. The duration of Block #5 is from 9–24–2021 UTC 10:00 am to 10–8–2021 UTC 10:00 am.
    For instance, if 5 Art NFTs are sold during that 2weeks period, the 5 Art NFTs will be issued as Block #5 and can receive the Block Reward generated from Block #6 and the next Blocks.



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