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Deposit DENA & Farm (Mint) NFTs

Stake DENA and get Ownership NFTs!

DENA Staking Pool to receive DNFT (DeNations Nation Founding Token) is open from 2021–08–04 10:00 AM (UTC).

Farm DNFT with DENA (click below)

500 DNFT per Week

A total of 500 DNFT (DeNations Nation Founding Token) will be distributed equally over the week in proportion to the amount of DENA staked. The weekly rate may be adjusted to a higher number.

1 DNFT =~ 1 DGDP

With earned 100 DNFT, you may exchange approximately 100 DGDP worth of Nations Ownership. However, there might be exceptions.

100 DNFT per 1 DeNation Ownership

50 DeNations Ownership NFTs will be allocated for the start, priced at 100 DNFT per 1 DeNations Ownership. We may add more exotic Nation Ownerships buyable /exclusively buyable with DNFT.




Decentralized Nations by Smatoos — Collect, Play, Earn with your cities and nations represented by NFT token.

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