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🚀[ENDING SOON] 24% Fixed Income Event🚀

Stake NFT, Enjoy Fixed 24% APR with USDT

👉 Event Details
24% APR will be guaranteed with the new purchase from any of 10 designated nations. Holders of Nation Ownership NFT can rent out their NFT to DeNations. In return, the holders will earn 24% fixed rental income from DeNations.
With rented NFT, DeNations professionals will strategically manage NFT for profit.

⏱Ends: 7:00 UTC

📌 Event Policy
1. Available Spots: 10 users (FCFS)
2. Eligible Nations: Belgium, Slovakia, Oman, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Latvia, Syrian Arab Republic, Guatemala, Kenya
3. Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.8 ETH
4. Operating Period: 1 year
5. Fixed Rental Income: 2% monthly (24% yearly)
6. Rent Payment Date: The first payment will be made on Oct 17th, 2022. The following monthly payment will be made at the beginning of every month. Therefore, 12 payment will be made to original holder in a year.

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Decentralized Nations by Smatoos — Collect, Play, Earn with your cities and nations represented by NFT token.

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