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[EVENT] 🎉Land Mint Passes for Liquidity Farmers🎉

Become a Liquidity Farmer and Win DeNations Land Mint Pass!

🚪How to enter (Liquidity Pool)
Become a Farmer:
Learn How:

South Korea Level 2 Land Mint Passes x 20
**Mint Pass will be distributed based on “Share of Pool” of top 20 liquidity farmers.
Early Access Whitelist x 50

📸Snapshot Date
07:00 UTC, August 10th, 2022

Liquidity Farming Benefits
Liquidity farming offers higher profits than almost any other traditional investment channels. Farmers will be rewarded with DENA and trading fee by staking tokens. The APY rate is up to 92% as of 8/8/22. Please note that the APY could change over time.

What is DeNations Land Mint Pass?
Users with DeNations Land Mint Passes can claim lands during Mint Pass Claim period.
Learn about DeNations Land 👉



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