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Founder Tax Policy

  1. Definition & Source of Founder Tax
    10% of sales of ownerships per round are compensated to the ownership owners of the previous round. This reward is defined as the Founder Tax.
  2. Founder Tax Distribution
    40% of the Founder Tax (Top 5 Founder Tax) will be allocated to the top 5 registered owners who own the most ownerships at the end of the previous round. 60% of Founder Tax (Normal Founder Tax) will be distributed in proportion to the number of ownerships registered at the end of the previous round.
    *When there is a tie, the owner who registered their last ownership earlier takes the higher rank.
  3. Time of the Measurement
    The status of the registered Nation Ownerships is measured when the next round starts(to give you a time for registration after the previous round ends) and this determines the distribution of the founder tax reward for the current round.
  4. Register Nation Ownerships to Qualify
    You need to register your Nation Ownerships to qualify to receive Founder Tax .
    Register Ownerships>
    * Users who already registered their Nation Ownerships for previous Tax Farming, do not need to register twice.
  5. Tax Reward Date
    The reward will be paid within 28 days after the end of the round (when the last Nation Ownership of the round is sold).
  6. Exceptions
    - DeNations Ownerships & Myanmar Ownerships are excluded.
    - For Ownerships of a Nation which have sold greater than or equal to 100 at current time of writing, the Founder Tax policy for the second round sales will be announced shortly in a separate article.
    * This applies to France, Japan, Italy, India, Republic of Korea, Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Greece, China
  7. Example
    - John registered 50 Ownerships (out of 190 total registered) of France when the last France Ownership is sold for round 2 (end of round 2).
    - John owns the 2nd largest number of France Ownerships at the end of round 2
    - 85 new France Ownerships are sold (which excludes resale) during the 3rd round. The total sales amount was 100 ETH
    - Founder tax reward for John at round 3 will be 1.39 ETH which includes
    Normal Founder Tax (0.79 ETH=50 ETH*10%*60%*(50/190)) and Top 5 Founder Tax (0.60 ETH=50 ETH*10%*40%*30%)

Nation ownership and round policy



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