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⭐️Singapore Week Jackpot Prize Pool Update⭐️

Hello, DeNations users!
“Treasure Hunt” Singapore Week is live until 1/12, 02:00 (UTC).
Check below for accumulated DENA amount in the Jackpot prize pool.

➡️Grand Jackpot : 5,765.62 DENA
➡️Big Jackpot : 4,531.24 DENA
➡️Mini Jackpot : 32.68 DENA

✔️Mint Singapore lands to hit a jackpot! The next user to hit the jackpot will take all the accumulated DENA in the Jackpot pool.
👉Singapore Land Minting Live Now:
👉Learn more about DENA Jackpot:
👉DENA Jackpot Tutorial:



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