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🌆New Benefits for the City Landowners — Earn from Advertisement🌆

Introducing the new benefits for city landowners.

Cities will be used as advertisements for companies, brands, and crypto projects. Therefore, city landowners will have the right to earn from these advertisements.

Enjoy the token benefits of advertisement! We plan to conduct various advertisements in the city area, so please keep in mind the following advertisement policy and get your extra benefits.

📌Ad Policy

1. Advertisement in the city area can be put up through DeNations. The city landowners who are involved with the advertisement will be notified in advanced. After the announcement of land rental schedule of advertisement, 50% of advertisement sales will be used for DENA buyback and rewarded to relevant city landowners within 14 days. Earning token amount will vary depending on the land level.

2. DeNations will release an image editor feature for landowners in the future. After the release, landowners can advertise on the land for personal income. Details on the image editor feature will be updated later on.

3. Landowner who do not wish to advertise on your city land can fill out the Typeform application to sell the land to DeNations. DeNations will repurchase the land for the same price that the landowner paid.

From now on, city land buyers will be deemed to have agreement with advertising and shared revenue. Those who purchased the city land prior to this announcement and do not agree with the advertisement may apply for land repurchase for 3 days. The landowner who do not fill out the repurchase application within 3 days after this announcement will be deemed as agreement to land advertising.

➡️Land Repurchase Application:



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